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Performance Marketing


Performance marketing indulges effective use of various media platforms, focusing on particular consumers to obtain traceable outcomes. These results help in investigating funnel lead attainment. Performance marketing promotions allow marketers to analyze all aspects of the brand, including lead and conversion through a single ad. It enables simplifying monitoring, less risky, and filtered ROI (return on investment).

WeDigitus has a spectacular online performance marketing team that delivers :-

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is all about paid marketing campaigns in different advertising platforms, whether Google or other search engine networks

Social Media Marketing

We also provide social media marketing services to fetch business, web traffic, engagement, lead, post reach, and many more through paid services.

Display Marketing

Display advertising includes rich image media banners and banner ads. We emphasize brand marketing through display adverting

Our professional crew of digital marketers has the competence to drive business through comprehensive performance marketing campaigns. Our digital marketing company in New Zealand can assist in attaining outcomes that you are expecting from your marketing communication channels

How Performance Marketing Works?

With the help of performance marketing campaigns, marketers can identify brand awareness, lead generation, and conversion from a particular advertisement. It is effortless to monitor, optimize and track actionable results. One can achieve desired ROI (return on investment) after expenditure made on the basis of campaign performance.    



How Performance Marketing is a Part of Digital Marketing ?

Performance marketing is a contemporary term that stands for advertising campaigns and digital (web) marketing, where advertiser runs ads and marketing campaign digitally pay for sale, conversion, and lead generation. Performance marketing includes social media, pay-per-click advertisements, and native ad campaigns. It makes your brand viral so that audience can trace your brand on different marketing platforms and build a potential customer base.

How One Can Start Performance Marketing Campaign For His/Her brand

At present, everything has become digitalized, and there is hardly any business that hasn’t adopted online platforms for developing and expanding business. Companies’ online presence is vital because you may lose out on a bigger audience base if you haven’t done your business online. Consumers and users explore the internet and different online/social media platforms. It becomes feasible to target your audience through these online and social media platforms.

You can define your audience, marketing objectives, and remarketing tactics, exclude a specific audience, age group, gender, and many more. Even you have the option to select particular demography or country where you want to show and run your ads so that you don’t receive irrelevant leads and traffic.  

With WeDigitus, you can understand what type of content, ad copy, ad campaign should be prepared for a distinct audience. Communicate with us how we can assist you in creating a profitable performance/digital marketing strategy for the brand and business goals.



WeDigitus Approach For Performance Marketing

We have a sterilized and dexterous performance marketing crew that facilitates brands and organizations to develop and raise their online business. We blend concrete skills in data analytics, marketing insights, and inputs, performance, evaluate KPIs under one platform. Established 3 years before, we do our work completely digitally, and we understand what to perform to improve business through our marketing campaigns. That is why have we have managed to save thousands of bucks for businesses and provide them accelerating revenue and lead conversion.  

When the world is going through drastic evolution of digitalization, AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, and other technological advancements, you cannot stick to the outdated branding methods. Copious networks, brands, social media channels are accessible for users, and it’s time to utilize them for rigorous busies campaigns. That’s what we have been doing since our inception. Performance marketing is not a new idea, but it is more focused on results, ROI, and positive outcomes for the business.

Companies and businesses are wandering for inclusive performance marketing, and we deliver customized, impeccable, and result-centric brand marketing that helps reach the next level. Custom-made interactions, real-time data collection and summarization, tremendously stringent responsible approach, and completely automatic advertisement operation allow customers what they actually desire from the digital campaign.